Moving to New York City can provide you with a plethora of opportunities that you never thought you would have. Not only is it easier to find good-paying work, but there are more opportunities for parties, events and activities for the whole family. Unfortunately, a lot of millennials move to NYC not knowing what to expect, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to go from suburban or even rural living to being in the big city.

Taxis – Are They Worth It?

Many people living in NYC have found that taking the subway is often quicker than a taxi, especially during rush hour. Also, if you currently have a vehicle, it might be a good idea to ditch it, especially if you’re planning to stay directly in the city for everything that you need to do. It can be difficult to drive around the city because of the congestion.


Securing an Apartment or Townhouse

When looking at an apartment or townhouse, it’s crucial that you secure it quickly since they go quickly. You will also notice that when you rent an apartment, the cost is going to be more expensive than you might expect, but keep in mind that wages in the city are also better.

If you find an apartment or townhouse that you like, be sure to put money down on it before it is gone.

Commuting Can Be Difficult

Commuting around the city can be downright impossible, especially at rush hour both morning and night. This is why a lot of people have found that they are able to ditch the car and rely solely on subway, buses, and taxis. It is up to you which form of commute works best for you.

Get Out a Bicycle

Having a bicycle can be a great way to get around without it costing you a thing. Not only will you be able to get to your destination quicker, but you’ll find that you’re able to have room for groceries and packages if you need to do a bit of shopping. Also, get used to doing smaller shopping sprees while living in the city, especially if you do not have a car.

Plan to Downsize

The city is an incredibly congested area with lots of people living next to each other. If you’re moving to the city from the suburbs or a larger home, you’re going to need to downsize before packing everything up and being on your way. The apartment, loft or townhouse that you’re renting probably won’t hold nearly as much as your larger home or apartment once did. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get rid of anything that isn’t needed and stick with smaller and more durable or useful items.


Because the city has a variety of features and available opportunities for you, it is essential that you work to get used to the idea of city living before you’re thrown head first into it. You will be amazed at what NYC offers and how easy it is to adapt to these changes.



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