For most of us, moving is a highly stressful activity that requires both time and financial resources to execute. Without adequate planning, moving can cost you tons of cash, especially due to the numerous costs associated with relocating either your home or business to a new location.

Below are 7 easy ways that will help you cut costs when planning your next move.

1. Avoid purchasing boxes

Truth be told, moving companies capitalize on selling or renting boxes to clients. Having to fork out extra coins for boxes can greatly affect your budget. As a result, it is advisable to look elsewhere for boxes. Boxes are literally everywhere, from the office to your house.

Also, in case your office is short on boxes, do not hesitate to ask friends and family for extra boxes. However, searching for boxes in a rush is not recommended as it greatly reduces your chances of finding the required amount of moving boxes.


2. Avoid moving in the summer

Unfortunately, summertime is widely considered as the moving season due to favorable weather. As these cheap Vancouver apartment movers point out, moving companies tend to capitalize on summers and will not hesitate to overcharge due to demand.

Since most people prefer moving during the summer, moving during winter will help you negotiate lower charges and reduce your overall moving costs.

3. Sell what you do not need

If you take a closer look at your household goods or property, you will realize that some items are no longer useful. Avoid throwing unused property away during the last minute rush.

Instead, sort everything well in advance and look for buyers. Although you might end up underselling some items, the extra cash will come in handy, more so in helping cater for other moving expenses. Selling unused items will help free up space for other more important items.

4. Consider all options

By considering options such as moving items on your own, hiring professional movers or relying on friends and family, you will be better placed to make a decision. You can choose to hire a professional company to move the heavy and fragile equipment while you and your friends move the smaller items.

However, no matter the option you chose, be sure to prioritize the safety of your property to avoid incurring additional costs due to repair.

5. Plan in advance

The sooner you communicate moving dates with moving companies, the better your chances of negotiating charges. It is advisable to communicate with over a month to spare for you to receive the best possible charges.

Moreover, planning in advance will help you chose from a list of moving companies and determine the most favorable option.


6. Involve family and friends

If you are on an extremely tight budget, it is advisable to consider asking for assistance from friends and family. Although they may not help move everything, additional assistance might help reduce overall workload and get you a cheaper quotation from moving companies.

7. Understand distance-related costs

Knowing the exact location and the associated costs of moving to the destination is important in cutting costs. By knowing more about the location, you will be in a position to determine alternative routes that are either shorter or easier to use.

Although such information might not reduce the moving costs significantly, it can help you negotiate with moving companies and get better deals.

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