Group Staff

The Group staff is made up of dedicated volunteers who oversee the administrative, operational, and educational missions of CAP in Central New York. If you see a vacancy on the staff that you would be interested in, or if you want to serve as an assistant to any of the occupied positions, please contact Lt Col Anderson.

Group Commander
Lt Col Norm Anderson

Safety Officer
Maj Margaret Doig

Finance Officer
2d Lt Ben Scott

Emergency Services Officer

Cadet Programs Officer

Public Affairs Officer
Capt Robert Stronach

Communications Officer
Lt Col Bill Shafer

Aircraft Maintenance Officer
Maj Shawn Herrmann

Counterdrug Officer
Lt Col Edwin Kopp

Deputy Commander
Maj Matt Mallory

Safety Officer (Asst)

Operations Officer
Maj Chuck Hereth

Emergency Services Officer (Asst)
Maj Robert Ormsbee

CAC Advisor
Lt Col Bill Shafer

Aerospace Education Officer
1st Lt Joe Gallo

Administrative Officer

Logistics Officer
1st Lt David Mackintosh

Professional Development Officer
Maj Robert Ormsbee